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Deb’s Membership Program includes:

20+ Interactive Livestream classes/week

Tailored Wellness Program & Comprehensive Video Library

Each class is taught by Deb
and includes personal real-time feedback. Classes encompass:


Impactful and dynamic classes incorporating multiple lineages and integrated strength and mobility work.

Meditation & Pranayama

Powerful yet calming sessions that put the mind and body in a relaxed state to promote health and well-being. 

Strength & Conditioning

Training that addresses often-ignored areas of weakness that can result in injury or dysfunction. Key areas of focus include upper body, glutes, hamstrings and core. 

Fascia Therapy

A game-changing tool that empowers students to access greater mobility, address previous injuries and minimize risks for future trauma. 
Unparalleled Video Library:

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Doha, Qatar

Yoga As You’ve Never

Experienced It Before

Online with real-time feedback
Trū Yoga takes you far beyond just striking a pose. Deb combines precise cuing with integrated strength and flexibility training, empowering students with knowledge that leads to an impactful practice. When you start practicing Trū Yoga you’ll feel like you’re practicing yoga for the first time.

Yoga That Empowers

Your Daily Life

Can you scratch your back? Work at your laptop without pain? Still fully enjoy your favorite sports?

You can if you practice Trū Yoga.

Trū Yoga strengthens, sculpts and tones your entire body, giving you access to your full range of movement. This increased strength and mobility will protect you from common aches, pains, and injuries in sports and daily life.


Beyond Injuries

Are you recovering from past injuries? Do you have a limited range of movement? These are not isolated issues, because one area of dysfunction can create a domino effect of pain and weakness throughout the whole body.

Deb’s training in fascia therapy, anatomy and movement will help you end this vicious cycle. Her courses target every body part from head to toe, allowing your body to strengthen, heal, and protect itself from further injury and dysfunction.



Deb has more than 1,500 hours of multidisciplinary training in multiple yoga lineages and is an expert in meditation, pranayama (breath work), fascia therapy, strength & conditioning and nutrition.

She uniquely combines this in-depth knowledge to guide students towards Trū Wellness for the marathon of life.

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Begin the Journey to Trū Strength, Trū Mobility and Trū Wellness by experiencing Deb’s program for yourself. She invites you to take the first step towards Trū Change by joining her groundbreaking program for a 1-week free trial. Check out her daily interactive livestream classes and extensive video library that includes hundreds of sequences, “how-to” tutorials, Quick-Fix Videos, and Wellness Tips.

If you join Deb on this incredible journey, she will be your personal guide. You will see physical results and feel the difference in mind, body and spirit within weeks.

Deb’s program is interactive with real-time feedback and is a part of a comprehensive, tailored wellness program that is guaranteed to transform you, mind, body and spirit. Deb will guide you step by step on your way to Trū Wellness.
Most students who commit to a daily practice, even if it’s for 15 min, will see visible changes within a few weeks. Students who continue on this path see transformative change in mind, body and spirit.
Deb’s multiple-pronged approach to Trū Wellness will help you address the dysfunction that is limiting your range of motion. She uses proper alignment and activation to slowly chip away at tight areas as well as Fascia Therapy to release areas of restriction.
Yes! Deb will guide you from the foundations of yoga and alignment so that you build the necessary strength and mobility to enjoy your practice and learn the right techniques from the very beginning of your yoga experience.
Whether you’re new to yoga or a season practitioner, you will benefit greatly from Deb’s precise cuing and integration of strength work and mobility that will allow you to access poses that were once elusive. Your practice will be elevated to a higher level.
Yes you get everything that is included in the Monthly Membership but access expires after 24 hours.


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