My Mantra

Deb’s mantra: Trū commitment and constant practice lead to transformative change.

About Deborah Liu – Founder Trū Yoga & Wellness Activist

Deborah Liu is founder of Trū Yoga.

She helps students achieve their goals through her unique program that combines yoga, meditation, pranayama (breath work), strength and conditioning, fascia therapy and nutrition. Her classes and popular workshops and global retreats have helped every level of student transform their lives.

Deborah trained with world-renowned teachers in Power, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Dharma Yoga as well as Fascia Therapy, fitness and nutrition, earning over 1500 hours in teaching credentials.

Deborah graduated from Cornell University and received her MBA from New York University. She worked for major international fitness companies Reebok and Nike in Asia. A lifelong athlete, Deb has raced in marathons and triathlons for over twenty years, always incorporating yoga to stay flexible and strong in body and mind.

Deborah opened her first yoga studio in London in (2011) and her second studio in Santa Barbara in 2017. Since then she’s taught workshops and retreats in Qatar, France, England, The United States and China.

An online studio with an international following was started in March, 2020, during the worldwide pandemic, and continues strongly today.

Deb’s passionate teaching style encourages students to discover their best selves. She leads classes with all her heart and humor, helping students achieve new levels of fitness and wellbeing on and off the mat.

Deb believes that progress in Trū Strength and Trū Mobility comes from mindful instruction. Her rigorous cueing and uniquely integrated sequences activate often-ignored body areas, helping students to access poses correctly and safely.

Deb combines extensive training in several yoga lineages with a background in fitness, nutrition and fascia therapy. Her unique teaching style motivates and empowers students, inspiring them to travel a path of a well-lived life.