Deb’s program is interactive with real-time feedback and is a part of a comprehensive, tailored wellness program that is guaranteed to transform you, mind, body and spirit. Deb will guide you step by step on your way to Trū Wellness.
Most students who commit to a daily practice, even if it’s for 15 min, will see visible changes within a few weeks. Students who continue on this path see transformative change in mind, body and spirit.
Deb’s multiple-pronged approach to Trū Wellness will help you address the dysfunction that is limiting your range of motion. She uses proper alignment and activation to slowly chip away at tight areas as well as Fascia Therapy to release areas of restriction.
Yes! Deb will guide you from the foundations of yoga and alignment so that you build the necessary strength and mobility to enjoy your practice and learn the right techniques from the very beginning of your yoga experience.
Whether you’re new to yoga or a season practitioner, you will benefit greatly from Deb’s precise cuing and integration of strength work and mobility that will allow you to access poses that were once elusive. Your practice will be elevated to a higher level.
Yes you get everything that is included in the Monthly Membership but access expires after 24 hours.