Namaskar Sangha,

Thank you to all who took the time to respond to the questionnaire. Below are some small changes that we will try for the rest of January and February. You are welcome to share your thoughts. Many thanks!!!

Monday & Tuesday Beginners classes will be 40min, Wednesday,Thursday & Friday Beginners will be 30min. Intermediate stays one hour.

Weekend Classes will run for 75min.

All Wednesday classes will begin 15min earlier – Intermediate 0645h-0745h, Beginners 0745h-0815h

I am flying to Wyoming this Sunday so no morning classes. I will try to teach in the evening but I have to see if timing is possible. Saturday class will combine some yin, held poses in case Sunday isn’t possible.

Also, i have been working with my web guy to sort a way for you to flag your favorite videos. Please stay tuned…. some time this week.

With Love & Appreciation,