Namaskar Sangha,
Please don’t miss fascia this weekend. All Legs front to back, inside to out, and top to bottom! Class begins at 0830h and ends between 0945h and 1000h.

Please don’t miss Yin on Sunday following fascia. You will need a yoga strap and a wall… not a corner wall, just a wall. This is the five leg stretch sequence to release tighness in legs. It’s a do not miss!!!

And of course strength flow on Saturday following fascia.
Please welcome family and friends to share the love!

With Gratitude,


Mon & Tues Intermediate 0700h-0800h; Beginners 0800-0840h

Wednesday Intermediate 0645-0745; Beginners 0745-0815

Th & F No Change Intermediate 0700h-0800h; Beginners 0800h-0830h

Weekend Classes 0830-0915h

With Love & Appreciation,