Namaskar Sangha/Dear Community,

FASCIA THERAPY is coming to London at Indaba Yoga Studio!!! Indaba is testing to see what the demand would be like.Please support my effort to bring this empowering self-care, self-massage tool to London. 


Recipients of this email will receive a discount of £5 for the online part only. The regular online price is £45, discounted £40. This will be applied at checkout. The discount is only available for the online part. There are a few in-studio spots without a discount.
Code: Fascia5
You can go to the below link to register. Please register early. I will be bringing the balls to London for in-studio use. If you wish to purchase them, I’ll have just 8 full sets so email me and I will reserve

With GratitudeDeb

For those who are new to fascia work, here is a brief description:
FASCIA THERAPY 2-DAY WORKSHOP WITH DEBEmpower Yourself With This Life-Changing Tool That Allows You To Access Greater Mobility, Address Previous Injuries And Minimize Risks For Future Trauma

Are you recovering from past injuries? Do you have limited range of movement? Are daily tasks painful and difficult to execute? These are not isolated issues because one area of dysfunction in your body can create a domino effect of pain and weakness throughout the whole body. Deb’s comprehensive Fascia Therapy workshop will help you end this vicious cycle. 

Don’t miss this full-body, weekend fascia workshop that utilizes specially designed balls in varying sizes to uniquely, target and release every single body part, from head to toe, to improve mobility – allowing your body to strengthen, heal, and protect itself from further injury and dysfunction. 

This self-care, self-myofascial release tool is a game-changer for athletes and anyone else experiencing chronic pain and limited range of motion; athletes can thus reach their maximum performance potential and for all others, execute daily functional movements with ease and grace.

Fascia is the thin casing of soft connective tissue that creates our internal structure by holding every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve, fiber and muscle in place.

Healthy fascia is smooth, slippery, flexible and elastic. It stretches as you move, ensuring peak output and range of motion for the muscles it encases. But injury, overuse, and stress can cause fascia to thicken and tighten around muscles, limiting mobility and causing pain and possibly further injury.