Doha, Qatar
New Jersey
Los Angeles
Practicing yoga with Deb for almost 2 years now has completely changed my life. I had practiced yoga before, but I had never received the kind of detailed instruction and precise cues that Deb provides in every single class. As a result of almost daily practice with her via Zoom and in-person retreats, my body has become strong, lean and flexible in ways I never could have imagined were possible. Deb’s teaching stye is motivating and challenging - she drives me to push myself and “become my own greatest teacher,” while ensuring that I am using the correct muscles and achieving the maximum flexibility and strength in each move. Practicing with Deb is about more than just yoga postures and flows - it is a lifestyle that promotes wellness in mind, body and soul through fascia bodywork, core training, meditation and breathing, and nutritional coaching, all of which I’ve incorporated into my daily routine for a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been athletic all my life, but I’ve never felt better or stronger or healthier than I do now, and I owe it all to Deb.
Los Angeles
Being part of Deb’s Wellness Program has been truly transformative for me. I am so grateful for the increased strength and mobility I have gained not to mention my increased mental wellbeing. What I love the most about Deb is her enthusiasm for yoga and fitness. All I have to do is show up for class, and her energy will carry me through.

I started practicing online with Deb at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to stay sane during this challenging time. Before that I had little experience with yoga and never imagined that practicing yoga would become an essential part of my day.

With Deb’s feedback during the courses, I learned how to do poses correctly despite practicing exclusively online. The most immediate benefit was feeling more relaxed physically and mentally. Next, I saw improvements in my strength and began chipping away at long-standing problem areas (shoulders, neck and lower back) that were causing pain and limiting my mobility. Now, nearly two years on, I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been.

I was thrilled to have been able to join Deb's amazing retreat in California last summer where I met some of the people who I had been seeing on screen day after day. It’s a great community and I am so happy to be a part of it.
Zürich, Switzerland
Practicing with Deb has taught me how strength, nutrition, and flexibility all work together to lift my yoga practice to levels I did not dream possible. Deb creates community so I could work my tail off with a supportive group of yoga friends and celebrate not just my own journey, but the joy of reaching our goals together. She makes the impossible accessible.
San Francisco, CA
It has been almost a year since I started Deborah’s yoga program. Looking back, my life seems to separate into before and after meeting Deb.

Deb is an awesome teacher and an amazing spirit. My flexibility and strength have been improving ever since.

Her meticulous and personal approach to every step in her yoga teaching brings great results. And it is so easy to follow the instructions online. Deborah is not just a wonderful teacher, but she is a great support for physical and spiritual wellbeing. Her dedication to her students is astounding. If anyone is thinking of starting a wellness program, there is no better person to teach and guide you than Deborah.
Santa Barbara, CA
When I first joined Deb's yoga class I "thought" I was in great shape, from years of running and biking. But I quickly learned that I actually had some huge weaknesses in my core strength. After a couple of weeks of doing her classes, I was hooked; I was getting stronger, more flexible -- and I slept more soundly at night and felt more calm during the day.

Deb is a tough teacher, and there will be times when you will think she is asking you to do things that are impossible. But - stick with her regimen, and you will end up with a stronger body, mind and soul!
Berkeley, CA
I’ve been doing yoga with Deb for over 10 years now (in-person in England and online since I moved to Seattle, WA), and she has helped me get more out of my practice each and every day. Her focus on strength, longevity, and alignment helps all her students maintain and grow their practice! I could not be as healthy as I am today without Deb’s practice.
Seattle, WA
I met Deb 4 years ago when she became my neighbor. Soon after she moved in she made a perfect little yoga studio in her house and I became a regular student and practiced with her 3-5 times a week for 3.5 years. Before I started practicing with Deb, I had 15-20 years of practicing yoga. So, I had a good foundation and knowledge of yoga. It wasn’t long after I started with Deb that I discovered so many little things that I was doing incorrectly and my alignment wasn’t right at all. And what a difference! In class, she would talk us through the poses (very detailed). She would demonstrate while talking us through them. And afterwards, she would ask “does that make sense?” And it did. Her knowledge of yoga and the body is on another level. In the 3.5 years that I practiced with Deb, I saw her help her students both in and out of class. She is amazing! She will become your teacher and your friend.
Santa Barbara
I started doing yoga to stay mobile and get some relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since I started with Deb during the first Covid lockdown, the class was online. I wasn’t able to keep up initially but I started feeling the benefits of the movements that Deb was guiding us through, slowly but surely. I wasn’t sure how much I could learn in an online yoga class, but Deb is the most intuitive , generous and knowledgable teacher one could have! She guides her class through movement with kindness and joy. I’ve experienced relief of joint stiffness and increased my strength and mobility through her classes and careful instruction. Deb’s knowledge of the body structure and muscle function has allowed me to participate in class even while working through an injury. Her modifications and verbal cues are always on target for what you need. Deb has also been a great resource for helping me with simple dietary changes to reduce some of the inflammation I experience. I truly couldn’t have asked for a more well-rounded and fun yoga teacher, Thanks Deb!
Northridge, CA
My husband and I have been training with Deborah for the past year. We are fortunate to be taking lessons with her as she knows the mechanics of yoga through and through. Both of us are beginners in yoga, and we have made quite a bit of progress in our strength and flexibility. She teaches us the correct positions and activation, mindfulness, breathing, and fascia release. We have also started a healthy pandemic reset diet with her close guidance. She is a devoted teacher and expects true commitment from her students. Her classes are not easy, but they leave you feeling energized. We hope to continue practicing with her for many years to come.
Annette and Paul
Palo Alto, CA
I had been doing yoga on and off for quite a few years, but recently, had not found an instructor with whom I clicked. When I started with Deborah I found her instruction to be really helpful to understand each pose. It is detailed and also personalized - even though it was all over Zoom. With Deborah's help I was able to understand and feel each pose much better, and this has changed the way I practice yoga. Her teaching supported me to do more yoga as well. I use her videos of different levels and lengths and try to practice more regularly. Also, Deborah's fascia rolling classes and workshops helped me to understand my body much better, which has been a great learning for me. She knows each person's ability and can guide us individually. Deborah has also taught us about our bodies and our health through a challenge which included diet, breathing, and yoga, and this was really powerful to build a better awareness of ourselves beyond yoga fitness.The group of people who learn together from Deborah is a wonderful community and she really connects us and makes it so that we all feel supported. I'm really grateful that I have been able to practice and learn under her guidance.
New York, NY
Deborah teaches yoga with passion and integrity. She is committed to bringing her students to a deeper level of yoga where they can discover their personal strength and connect with their inherent wisdom. With enthusiasm, expertise and encouragement, Deborah will lead you to become more fit, flexible and energetic. Most of all, her classes are fun and you will feel fantastic after practicing with her!
Pasadena, CA
Debbie has instilled a love of yoga in me like no other teacher has - all thanks to her skill, passion and compassion. Compared to any other yoga teacher I have experienced, Debbie is exceptional. She has taught me what it means to be deeply committed to the moment during practice. She attends to everyone’s individual needs without compromising the high standards she has us all strive for. She is widely regarded as one of London’s most experienced, accomplished and respected yoga teachers. I was lucky enough to attend one of her retreats – I came away with a deeper love for the practise and a deeper knowledge about my emotional, spiritual and physical journey. Her knowledge and caring nature is invaluable and unique.
London, Engand
Deb’s passion and dedication to health through yoga is something she has mastered with years of advanced certification. She loves sharing and enabling her students to discover health, strength and vibrancy through learning yoga. Deb helps her students discover their strengths, improve agility while paying close attention to proper position to avoid injury. She inspires better health and through yoga.
London, Engand
Debbie, your ability to cue so i can understand what to do in my body makes such a difference. Whenever i go to a yoga class, i’m not really hearing the teacher, but i’m hearing you and your voice telling me how to wrap shoulders, or hollow my belly or how to correctly align myself in the pose.

I have been practicing yoga for 15 to 20 years and I have never come across a teacher like Debbie. In fact, since Debbie started teaching me, I stopped practicing with other teachers. She not only changed and deepened my physical practice but her warm, kind nature and her positive energy have had a huge impact on me as a person and in turn, on my family.
London, Engand
I thank Debbie everyday for getting me started in Yoga. She is such an inspiring teacher and such an inspiring person! Debbie treats everyone with great care and looks at each persons practice individually. She spent time aligning our bodies so that we got the most out of her class. Debbie always believed in us and no matter how many years you were practicing yoga she was so incredible encouraging and always made us believe in our selves and in our ability to be able to improve our bodies and our lives through our practice. Debbie is one of the kindest most giving persons I know. If you are lucky enough to practice yoga with Debbie your life will change for the better, like mine did! I will continue to practice yoga for the rest of my life and I attribute this dedication to yoga to Debbie.
London, England
Working with Debbie allows me to push my body safely and effectively and allows me to realize my strengths and weaknesses. Her practices always start my weekend off on the right foot.
Carpinteria, California
Debbie is an amazing teacher for all levels.

I started practicing with her with no experience and with her guidance and push I became a dedicated student who wouldn’t miss a class.

Thank you for everything.
London, England
I’ve studied with many knowledgeable instructors plus done a lot of research and experimentation on my own with videos and instructional manuals. Debbie’s instruction clarity and ability to demonstrate what she teaches was as effective as anything I’ve ever tried and my practice is rising to another level because of her expertise. What she said and how she showed me has stayed with me and — because of how clearly her message was — even when I practice on my own I can hear her voice in my head, both inspiring me and making me be more disciplined in my practice.
Los Angeles, California
I have had the privilege of attending several of Debbie’s classes, which have all been excellent! She has an incredible understanding of both the body and yoga philosophy, and as a result, her cueing has deepened my practice both physically and mentally. She is also amazing at giving hands-on adjustments — one of the best yoga teachers that I have had in this regard. Moreover, she teaches in a manner that is fun and yet challenging — I always leave feeling amazing!
Carpinteria, California
Debbie is knowledgeable in so much more than just yoga. Although she is a great yoga teacher, she has helped me create better habits with nutrition, meditation, breathing techniques, HIIT training, posture, even being conscious of the way I walk and sit. Her class is more than just exercise, its life changing.
Santa Barbara. California
Debbie guides her students with not only a great inventory of knowledge and skill, but also tremendous kindness and care. She is committed to help each individual student work through their own challenges, find the correct alignment, and get stronger. She brings to each practice an incredibly warm and encouraging energy that just keep making me go back. Thank you for all that you do!
Carpinteria, California