Wellness Tips To Note:

If you packed on some extra pounds during the pandemic or if you’ve been steadily gaining a pound or two annually, then now is the time to turn that around. Focus on what you are putting into your body and follow this simple hack to always have food at the ready so you don’t reach for junk food.

Food prep on Sundays and store everything in tupperware in the refrigerator

  • roast or steam loads of veggies (boil some edamame)
  • roast some Japanese mini yams
  • cook up some quinoa or any ancient grain, brown rice, forbidden rice
  • toast slivered almonds or pumpkin seeds
  • have fresh lemon, avocado, arugula/mixed greens on hand
  • you can lightly grill/saute firm tofu or make fresh hummus

When you’re hungry, assemble your buddha bowl starting with the base of an ancient grain and add the above as desired. For protein, add the tofu or a large scoop of hummus. Super yummy and great texture. Top off with large handful of arugula and sprinkle with the toasted seeds/nuts. This bowl method is so versatile and easy that it’s never the same meal twice and is healthy and delicious! Enjoy. For questions, please contact me at deb@tru-yoga.com.